Meet the team

  • 2017 team :

    Célya Gruson-Daniel

    Co-founder / President

    Graduated from ENS (Ecole Normale Supérieure) , Célya Gruson-Daniel is a PhD student at the Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire (doctoral school). She is studying between France (UTC Costech Lab) and Québec (Université Laval). She is also a research engineer at the Centre Virchow-Villermé in Paris (Open and Digital Science Project Manager). She has co-founded HackYourPhD with Guillaume Dumas.

    Guillaume Dumas

    Co-founder / Vice-president

    Researcher at the Pasteur Insitute in cognitive neurosciences and complex systems, Guillaume Dumas is interested in social coordination dynamics and how their theoretical understanding can be applied to foster the Open Science movement.

    Peter-Mikhaël Richard


    Master in fundamental physics at Université Paris-Sud and passionate about analytic metaphysics, Peter-Mikhaël Richard strongly supports the current revolution towards free and collaborative society. He is currently working on an alternative funding source for grad students and on various hackerspace-driven projects.

    Matthieu Le Chanjour


    Scientific educator passionate about astronomy and history, Matthieu Le Chanjour is interested in interfaces between science and society such as science education and journalism.

    Romain André-Lovichi

    Board member

    Graduated from ENS (Ecole Normale Supérieure) de Cachan and SciencesPo Paris, Romain André-Lovichi is interested the teaching of computer science, text analysis and data visualization.

    Anthony Truchet

    Board member

    Anthony is an engineer in computer science who works daily with and for Open Source projects. Both past experience in cognitive robotics (PhD and research engineer), and his deep passion for the transmission of knowledge (how), the philosophy of science and technology, have both naturally pushed him in Open Science.

  • Past contributors :

    Clara Moreau


    Finishing her 2nd year of Master in Cognitive Science at the ENS and Paris-Descartes University, Clara Moreau is passionated by the infinite and complex world of neuroscience, while questioning the issues of Open Science and Exploitation of Research. Clara is also part of the associations Cognivence & INNOVENS.

    Eric Ghiglione

    HackYourPhD Lyon

    PhD student in organizational theory.
    After some consulting, Eric is now preparing a thesis about the Open Science and the Open Source.

    Stephanie Couvreur

    HackYourPhD Paris

    Stephanie did a PhD in Physics. She works now as a project manager to facilitate Science and Society interaction. She is interested in the evolution of Science practices with Open Science.

    Romain Rouyer

    HackYourPhD Paris

    UX Designer specialized in the Internet of Things and Next Gen HCI. Romain studied Cognitive Science in Nancy. Currently Vice-President of FRESCO and lead instigator of the CogLab project focuses on Open Science, IA and Digital Art in the biohackerspace La Paillasse. The CogLab has become a partner and works closely with HackYourPhD.

    Dor Garbash

    HackYourPhD Paris

    Phd hacker/student, Knownodes peer and Open knowledge advocate. HackYourPhd is where I go to question and look for alternatives to the closed academic system.

    Vincent Adam

    HackYourPhD London

    PhD student in computational neurosciences in London, Vincent is interested in the evolution of scientific practices through the introduction of new tools that make these practices self-evident rather than through institutional decision.



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