[30/11/17] Open Science at the Pasteur Institute : a 4 years’ retrospective for HackYourPhD

On November 30th, the Pasteur Institute and the Mozilla Foundation have planned two days dedicated to Open Science. The first day will gather a set of introductive talks. The program is available here.  The second day will consist in a workshop (for Pasteur Research Institute members). We are very happy to be invited, alongside other…
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[24/03/17] Apéro-Debate – Citizen Science, DIY, etc. : Counterculture or Research Policy trap ?

You are welcome to join us for an Apéro-Debate on Friday March 24th from 7:30pm at La Paillasse with our special guest Lucy Patterson (cf. bio below). On Saturday March 25th, the european H2020 DITOs(DoIng TOgether science) project will organize a european citizen science forum Citizen Science & DIY Bio: building the bridge between citizens and…
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SAGE Bionetworks Assembly 2015 at Institut Pasteur, Paris—Open science, social innovation and education: deconstructing silos and anchoring in the city.

Update: you can now watch all the video of the event here. SAGE Bionetworks is one of the largest non-profit organizations promoting open science and involvement of patients in the research process. Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday (April 16-18/2015), it organized for the first time its general assembly outside the American continent. And for this first…
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OpenCon 2014 : In the heart of Open Science advocacy

Last week, I attended for HackYourPhD the OpenCon 2014 (Nov-Dec 15-17th) gathering the early career researchers on Open Access, Open Data and Open Science. As a representative of our Open Science community, I had the chance to be one of the 80 participants selected for a full traveling grant. Being part of 175 open science/education students…
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OAWeek 2014 : Let’s imagine a creative format for Open Access

More and more information is available online about Open Access. However it’s difficult to process all this content when one is a busy PhD Student or researcher. Moreover, people already informed and convinced are often the main spectators. The question thus becomes : How to spread the world about Open Access to a large audience…
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[Workshop Summary] PhD, Thesis : towards OpenScience practices ? Philoweb.org as an exemple on december 13rd at La Fonderie ( Paris)

The December 13th, HYPhD organized a meeting with Alexandre Monnin at La Fonderie, Agence Numérique d’Ile de France (digital agency from Ile de France). Alexandre Monnin, who has recently finished his PhD, introduced us to Philoweb.org. He plans to publish a HTML version of every chapter of his dissertation in this website, which provides an…
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[Event] The Open & Neuroscience Green soirée : SFN unauthorized satellite event : monday, Nov, 11.

If you are a student or a researcher in neuroscience, SFN seems familiar to you. For curiousminds, SFN is the world’s largest organization of scientists and physicians devoted to understanding the brain and nervous system. Each year, an annual meeting is organized. This year, it will be in San Diego from nov 8th to 13rd….
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HackYourPhD US. The Open Knowledge Conference and afterwards?

Thursday 12th September, back to Parisian drabness. Setting foot in our lovely capital is, how shall I put it… Some sort of challenge. The atmosphere seemed filled with rage… and raindrops. We squeezed in a few appointments and then off we went on a one-week trip. The destination is less far than the last time:…
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Genesis of HackYourPhD : TEDxParisUniversités

For those who want to know more about the genesis of HackYourPhD, here is the TEDx I gave on June 6th at la Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie (Paris, France)

I explain how a simple post on Facebook gives the first glimmer of the project. I also come back to a big source of inspiration: OuiShare, an international movement about collaborative economy, which was also born in France. I quoted Joel de Rosnay. His book Surfer la vie : Sur-Vivre dans une société fluide (Surfing Life: How sur-vive in a fluid society) helped me to understand our world and its evolution. All this has motivated me to develop these ideas and trends in research with Open Science.

What does the word hacking mean ?

In the TEDx, I especially explain what I mean by Hacking his PhD. Indeed, people are sometimes skeptical of the term “hacking”. For me, it doesn’t mean to become a pirate or a terrorist in research. It means that we should find pragmatic solutions to existing problems. Sometimes, seeking other parallel paths can help to reach his goal. My inspiration comes from the documentary une contre histoire des internets (the anti-history of the internets). Jérémie ZImmerman and Jeff Jarvis. gave good explanations of what hacking means.



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[Workshop Summary] Open your Phd in less than 45 minutes with Knownodes

This article was written by Dor Garbash following the Hackathon : “Open your Phd – one link at a time – A direct approach to open knowledge” ( july 13-14th). This post was initially published on Dor’s website

We did it! Researchers, engineers, teachers and hackers have started to use Knownodes to share their knowledge online.

This weekend was special for all of us who have been working on Knownodes.

In the end of a two day hackathon  we have managed to create a workflow, that enables even a complete newbie to create a knowledge network consisting of eleven knowledge resources and ten connections and put it online, open and free to access.

Rapid prototyping knowledge network generation

Here are some of the results, use the “map view” button on the top bar for some nice visualisation:

Sudo room – Matt Senate(Hacker)

Mimicry – Sebastien Treguer(Engineer, clean energy)

How can we include citizen science in earthquake and fire engineering research? – Professor Muki Haklay(Researcher, citizen science)

Knownodes – Dor Garbash(Phd student)

Dynamic body and space – Catalina Quijano(Teacher)

Open your Phd project – general description of what we did.

Thanks for the HackYourPhd and the NightScience communities for helping us out!

Would you like to contribute a map yourself?

It’s easy and takes only 45 minutes just click here

Us at the same place, about a month ago. As you see there’s quite a bit of gender bias, let’s change that!

Next step for Knownodes is the hack’a’node retreat, we will be going there from Saturday through Thursday (in flexible times). We will stay in the beautiful performance arts forum http://www.pa-f.net/ , and you are welcome to join us!

NB : A Knownodes workshop will be held in facLab on the 13th of September. Dor would like to organize open knowledge workshops in labs and classes. To contact him : knownodes@gmail.com