How many paywalls since you started your PhD?

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Ok, in Science there is no beginning and no end, only progress…

You, the ones convinced by open science as well as you who ask questions, at which moment should one think about the quality of his research?

When one has a professorship? More ambitious: when one becomes doctor? Even more ambitious: during a PhD? Even more ambitious (and fairsight?): even before starting a PhD?

Whatever where you are in your carreer, there are cooperations between projects that just wait to be launched! Discussions between fields or simply between generation within a field, crazy projects that would need a non academic frame to be developped (hey! there exists lapaillasse.org/ and others too).

From Nov. 12 to 14 there was the OpenConference, about open practices in Science, 260 people from 60 countries, 10’000 people following from remote and cooperations starting during the weekend. See by yourself on twitter: #OpenCon

Let’s keep this dynamic going on, we invite you to an evening discussion on Nov. 22, 19:00!

Where: Paris 1st arrondissement (we confirm asap)

All info and updates here: huit.re/evenement-sur-facebook-promis-bientot-on-protege-vos-donnees



The merge of black holes released gravitational waves and… Open Data!

and we observed both recently

On February 11, 2016, the LIGO team announced that gravitational waves have been observed, and along with this great news, they released:

This observation and the analysis of the collected data is of great importance for Physics and beyond. In the process, their seems that Open Science best practices were obvious. Why not everywhere else in Science? 😉


LIGO experimental setup and sample of observed data.  Credit: B. P. Abbott et al., 2016, Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 061102, licence CC-BY

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