February 27th — Workshop Cake Report and Open Science

Cakes, science, and a bit of openness : the Cake Report will be on Feb. 27th at the CRI!


We invite you to an initiation to open practices in research through a live demo of the of the Cake Report process.

This demo only makes use of free and open source software and guides you from data collection to statistical analytics, dealing on the way with best practices in terms of reproducibility of the analyses.

And all this with humour!

Thomas Gargot will be your guide:

The evening is intended for various profiles, more or less advanced in research works. Be you master or PhD students, this workshop will empower you to adopt open science practices!

Tuesday, February 27th 2018, 6:30 p.m.
at the Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire (CRI)
Tour Montparnasse, 21st floor, Seminar Room

An ID card is needed to enter the tower (please state that you go to the CRI)
Free entrance, registration highly appreciated

If you can, bring your own laptop and install RStudio in advance (follow the tutorial!)

Bring cakes and fruit juices: they will be used as a source of data as well as a source of fun 🙂

Et si vous voulez tout savoir dès maintenant, c’est sur le blog des Cake Reports et sur github




[27/02/18] Atelier cake report & open science

Des cakes, de la science, et de l’open : c’est l’atelier cake report le 27 février au CRI ! Venez vous initier aux pratiques ouvertes en recherche lors de la démonstration en live de la procédure Cake Report. Cette démonstration fait uniquement usage de logiciels libres et open source, et vous guide de la collecte…
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How many paywalls since you started your PhD?

Cet article est aussi disponible en Français

Ok, in Science there is no beginning and no end, only progress…

You, the ones convinced by open science as well as you who ask questions, at which moment should one think about the quality of his research?

When one has a professorship? More ambitious: when one becomes doctor? Even more ambitious: during a PhD? Even more ambitious (and fairsight?): even before starting a PhD?

Whatever where you are in your carreer, there are cooperations between projects that just wait to be launched! Discussions between fields or simply between generation within a field, crazy projects that would need a non academic frame to be developped (hey! there exists lapaillasse.org/ and others too).

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Combien de paywalls depuis le début de ta thèse ? : Soirée/apéro débat le 22 novembre à La Paillasse

This article is also available in English. Certes en sciences il n’y a pas vraiment de début ni de fin, seulement une progression… Vous les convaincus de l’open science, ou bien vous qui vous posez des questions sur la qualité de la science mais aussi son accessibilité. Mais y a-til un moment privilégié pour se poser ces…
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The merge of black holes released gravitational waves and… Open Data!

and we observed both recently

On February 11, 2016, the LIGO team announced that gravitational waves have been observed, and along with this great news, they released:

This observation and the analysis of the collected data is of great importance for Physics and beyond. In the process, their seems that Open Science best practices were obvious. Why not everywhere else in Science? 😉


LIGO experimental setup and sample of observed data.  Credit: B. P. Abbott et al., 2016, Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 061102, licence CC-BY

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La fusion de deux trous noirs libère des ondes gravitationnelles et… des données ouvertes !

et les deux ont été observées récemment Le 11 février 2016, l’équipée du LIGO annonçait que des ondes gravitationnelles ont été observées, et en plus de cette grande nouvelle, ils ont rendu public : la publication scientifique principale qui traite de cette découverte sous la licence CC-BY des pre-prints de futurs articles sur ArXiv.org sous…
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[Évènement] ApérOS le 6 mai 2014 à Paris-Saclay

Dans le cadre du OuiShare Fest, Hack Your PhD s’invite au Proto204 pour célébrer l’Open Science sur le campus Paris-Saclay. Étudiants du campus ou de Paris, jeunes chercheurs et doctorants du plateau et des environs, chercheurs et entrepreneurs, venez découvrir comment faire de la science en libre lors de notre premier apéro Open Science !…
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